Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sint Maarten

On 11 November many provinces in Holland celebrate Sint Maarten's Day. Even though it is very popular, noone has been able to explain me the real origins of this Dutch tradition. But that is not really important, because what really matters to every kid is that on the evening of 11 November they can go door by door with their self-made hand-crafted lanterns to sing Sint Maarten songs and get -in return- candies, lots and lots and lots of candies!!

Tonight it was the first time that we participate. Noah (our eldest son) is now almost 3 year old and has decorated his own lantern at the kindergarden. He also learned some songs and practiced a lot.
At the beginning Noah did not really get the idea of singing and getting candies in return. But it only took him 2 or 3 houses to understand it and from then on, he started a non-stop tour with his friend Thijs. One door bell for Thijs, next door bell for Noah and they went on and on and on....
They were simply adorable, truly lovely to watch. Can't wait for next year when Fedde (our youngest son) will also walk with his lantern!
Noah, Onno and Thijs