Saturday, November 24, 2012

Yes, I do

Almost no time to write these last 9 months, but these dasy are too important and I really need to "dump" some feelings into words: everything together is too overwhelming.

We are flying to Buenos Aires tomorrow morning...
... for the first time in Noah's life. He is now 9 months old.  Everyone is waiting to hug him :)
... to marry the love of my life -and Noah's dad- Onno, who teaches me every day a new meaning for the word "love".
... our honeymoon will be in my beloved Argentina, where my heart will live forever, no matter how far my body decides to go.

I cannot be more greatful to God.  I cannot be happier than I am now.
..  Only -perhaps- if my dad could be by my side... maybe....  But I know that God needed him by HIS side.  I am happy dad, happier than I have ever been, I hope you can see me wherever you are.