Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Integration complete

In September last year (2013) I realized that I met the requirements to apply for a Dutch naturalization!
The IND office (Immigratie en Naturalisatiedienst, Inmigration and Naturalitation Service) controls the very long list of possible scenarios to apply for visas, resident permits or other documents to allow you to stay in The Netherlands. My husband and I had a very positive experience so far with the procedures to bring me from Argentina to Holland, but applying for my Dutch citizenship was the final piece of the big jigsaw puzzle.

I applied for my Dutch naturalization in November 2013, after living together for more than 3 years with a Dutch citizen who happens to be also my husband. Next to that, one key requirement that I also met was to have a Dutch diploma proving that I DO master the Dutch language good enough to live and interact with the Dutch society.
Around May this year (2014) I heard that the King had approved my request and that my naturalization would be official once I participated of a formal ceremony at the city council.

That ceremony (a very nice one) took place today (July 8th) so I am now Argentine and Dutch. I did not have to give up my Argentine citizenship due to international regulations but I got the Dutch one as a second one.
I am soooooooo happy! No more worries about residence permits and meeting requirements to stay in Holland with my beloved men. From now on, just enjoy life and being together.
My husband surprised me with a big bouquet of red roses with a card that says: "Gezellig" and the name of my husband and sons. It is a huge bouquet because he bought as many roses as my current age. I will not reveal my age, but you may try to count them on the following photo if you can.... :)